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Man shot Nvwang nude chat photo the purpose of prostitution

Three days later , nude , threatening to do the same , Sohn again to the hotel about the relationship occurred by force ken griffey jr sneakers, take Sohn 1500 lv scarf, Sohn leaving Shihai to ask for $ 6000. Last August 30 cheap designer scarves, Sohn will be borrowed 5900 yuan to do the same , but still asked her to do the same hotel prostitution to earn money . Sohn intolerable called the police . Do the same was arrested after giving an account of their married . Help their families are involved in the restitution of the 7400 yuan money .

do with the now 28 -year-old Beijinger , unemployed before the incident , but had been guilty of fraud jailed for eight months . On 25 August last year , he came to Beijing and Heilongjiang Women Sun Moucheng for the users , then the next day to Jiudiankaifang . In the following days , when not in the web chat with requirements Sohn undressed , and secretly photographed each other nude .
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Young pregnant women bear was killed sixty old lover entangled

still married after being entangled
female suspects were subsequently transferred to Hanchuan Interpol . It was learned that the woman , surnamed Li, 28 years old , Huangpi people dead , more than 60 years old, Shandong Province . They originally lovers Ken Griffey jr shoes 2011, because the woman married after the pregnancy, but also for her entanglement with the deceased . The two are starting to drive from Wuhan . As for other details , Hanchuan police still under investigation .

Qianri Wan 21:30 , provincial high Bristol Police Corps brigade duty officer's office received a passing driver alarm cheap Ken Griffey jr shoes, said Shanghai and Chongqing Expressway 948KM +750 M ( Shanghai and Chongqing to ) place hermes scarves, an old Beijing wide license within the car , a young pregnant woman to an elderly man killed.

young pregnant woman killed sixty old lover

Bristol brigade head stone from dinner quickly led police to the scene , while police in Bristol deceleration lane arrangement dispatched to prevent the suspect car to escape. Police arrived at the scene and found a young pregnant woman sitting in the co-pilot position , kept waving fruit knife , the spirit is very manic . The driver's seat of an old man sustained stab wounds to the throat , bleeding . Police try to stabilize the party mood through conversation , to prevent her suicide or escape . However, the woman was very emotional , always refused to put down a fruit knife , and brandished a knife and the police are not allowed near . Police then persuade her to life for the sake of a small stomach , the woman finally stopped a knife brandished a knife , could not help but break out crying . At this time, the other two police around to the woman beside him , snatched the knife while it is not prepared , then she put on police cars . The entire time about 5 minutes. The scene after a doctor confirmed that the injured man has been killed.
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Man charged with uremia was dismissed claims that his wife divor

2008 In September, Mr. Yan and Ms. Yang met by the introduction , about the love . Last April, they registered their marriage ken griffey jr shoes, marriage ceremony , held in September the same year . Mr. Yan said that Ms. Yang married his wife often does not feel , to the hospital after being diagnosed with uremia . Mr. Yan said that surgery to his wife, he spent 3 million yuan for medical expenses .
which caused Mr. Yan suspicion . Mr. Yan recall , it was found in a wedding ceremony griffey shoes, Yang is often cold ground back to her parents lived , and refused to delay doing pre-marital check . Mr. Yan believes that his wife knew before marriage unsuitable marriage with uremia , but to conceal the truth . Mr. Yan So sue for divorce.

She said she did not conceal a history of marriage , we will never agree to a divorce . On medical expenses , she thought her husband due support obligation between husband and wife .
court held that both pre-marital contact time is longer, as both sides should have a certain emotional foundation , the two sides during married life should be mutual understanding ken griffey shoes, although there are some contradictions in the two sides now , but the breakdown of marital relations is not true . Mr. Yan that his wife is a history of deliberately concealing the idea of ​​a lack of basis , the court did not support this .

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8 women claimed to do nearly 30 million non-agricultural social

prosecutor accused cheap burberry scarves, eight fraud amounting to 2846 million yuan. During the trial, Wang Xuejiao defender disagree on the amount of fraud.
Wang Xuejiao mother non-agricultural households in Heilongjiang has been home to pay old-age insurance. Wang Xuejiao married Pinggu yukou, put the mother's labor relations to Pinggu District, and continued to find someone to take the length of service.

off the assembly line did not know fake timely received hands
case Wang Xuejiao other eight defendants were female, the vast majority of unemployed. 26-year-old Wang Xuejiao before the incident is Pinggu yukou town yukou police station coordinators.

but the victim did not enjoy retirement pay after the treatment. Wang Xuejiao excuse to delay the beginning, then she simply made a fool fake retirement certificates and other victims. After the victim reported that fooled.
her off the assembly line as the remaining defendant, in Shunyi, a village four Pinggu attract Many farmers scrape together seven or eight million to do their social security.

court hearing to identify the beginning of 2007 to March 2009, the Wang Xuejiao charge Wanghai Qin, who handed over the money and direct charging part of the fraud victims a total of 27.804 million yuan of money. Until the time of the incident, the relevant departments to recover stolen money only 500 million yuan. Wang Xuejiao account of the rest of the money, and some to buy a car lover, and some do give a false Wang. Production of false documents, according to Wang said he made false statements to help Wang Xuejiao earned $ 120 griffey shoes,000.
court found that Wang Xuejiao knowing that he did not go through a one-time buyouts ability to help people still collect the name of another person for this money, but also making false statements, other people's money with a fraudulent intent.

coordinators and Wang Xuejiao as a police station and seven unemployed middle-aged women to apply for non-agricultural social security for farmers, pay receiving a monthly pension on the grounds thousand dollars, more than 390 fraud Pinggu, Shunyi District farmers 27.804 million yuan.

station coordinators and lead lie

It is reported that the case for the past three years scarf sale, the largest city along with the name of social security fraud cases for the number of victims is also the largest.

fraud amounting to 27.804 million yuan

2007, the Wang Haiqin for Wang Xuejiao to myself to do social security procedures, Wang Xuejiao agreed. Then I can rely on this money, Wang Xuejiao external commitments as long as some money to pay, you can one-time buyouts for social security procedures scarves outlet, to pension, medical insurance and other benefits.
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